What Is 8 In Military Time


What Is 8 In Military Time – As the saying goes, even a broken clock ticks twice a day. Well, in the world of military time, this adage falls flat on its face. Why? Because as we’re sure you all know, it’s time for the military to push the public “AM, PM” down the drain in favor of a more direct and – understandably – telling time. In fact, the reason for the first use of military time can be traced back to ancient Egypt, although it was not until the 1920s that the US Navy and Army finally adopted the system during World War II in 1942 as a means of communication. more progress.

This is because the military’s desire for accuracy in the first place – working to eliminate confusion from its plan – used the 24-hour method of telling the time. Consider the consequences of not understanding the timing of an advance or strategic attack and you begin to understand why military timing is so important. But for all of us in general, it can be a little complicated to explain this process if we are not familiar with the 24-hour time frame. With that in mind, we decided to provide a short guide on how to tell when it’s time for the military, the next time your friend or ex tries to make plans with you. You through this example you will not be afraid.

What Is 8 In Military Time

What Is 8 In Military Time

In the modern world, there are two accepted ways of telling time: the 12-hour and the 24-hour systems – apparently based on how long it takes the Earth to rotate 360 ​​degrees on the same side. The 12-hour program divides the 24-hour day into two parts: ante meridiem (A.M) and post meridiem (P.M) where 12.00 (12:00 p.m.) is the switching point. For the 24-hour system, there is no change period. Instead, the clock starts at zero hour and shows 23:59, which strikes the 24th hour, the process starts again. That is, military time functions as a time in itself, which restarts when it reaches the 24th hour.

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Looking at both systems, it is clear why the 12-hour time is not disturbed, due to the fact that the same time occurs twice a day. It can also take a long time to determine the duration of an event in the 12-hour system, while the 24-hour system of showing time is easier in this case. Currently, the 24-hour system is the international standard, although in North America it is usually reserved for military, emergency, aviation and navigation purposes. In fact, each task requires a brief understanding of the time or a plan to use the system because these people are more concerned than who is in charge (AM or PM).

Now, about the correct reading and pronunciation of military time. At first, it may seem a bit confusing. However, it’s nothing a little practice can’t fix. Starting – and as mentioned above – understanding the military clock as a type of time will help you understand the concept of military time. The best part? Half the work is already done for you. After it resets to midnight (0000 military time) every hour in the morning (except for the midnight hour, which is exactly the same. in human time, you guessed it, 12:59 Simple things, right?

Confusion arises when the clock strikes 1:00 in the afternoon (or 1300 military time) because the “time” here is still ticking until the next midnight. From here, each hour is counted in its own time since time began at the beginning of the day. So, for example, 2:30 p.m. (1430) then the light is 14 hours and 30 minutes a day.

The pronunciation of these terms is mostly easier. Here, the general “hour” is changed to “hour” in some cases when hour and minute are mentioned together. For example, 0830 would be called “Zero-8-Thirty” or “Zero-8-Thirty hours” just as 1645 would be called “Sixteen-Forty-five”, ” or “Sixteen-Forty-five hours” depending on the branch and individual. And under the midnight hour, 0030 (called 1230 at some times) will appear as “Zero-Zero-Thirty”.

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As a note, the mention of the term “hour” after the time, again depends on the branches, although in most cases people understand 1600 to 4:00 in the evening. without having to add “hours” to the mix.

While it may seem difficult to convert these times – especially the lunch hours – the process is actually quite simple. All you need are some basic math skills that you probably picked up in third grade. Just remember that everything revolves around 1200 hours.

That is, since civil time starts again after noon, all you need to do to convert civil to military time is four. This adds up to 1200 now.

What Is 8 In Military Time

On the other hand, if you want to switch back, subtract 1200 from the dinner hour. It was 1530 and it was 03:30 in the evening. It’s not that hard if you know how.

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Most of the time, in movies no doubt, we hear the term Zulu mentioned after the military period. For example, “we are ready to land at 1445 Zulu.” Well, although it may seem confusing at first, the reason is quite simple. This is because modern wars and broadcasts take place in different time zones that require a time frame to understand all means of communication.

In this context, the term “zulu” – the last letter of the phonetic alphabet – refers to what we know as the general public as GMT or Greenwich Mean Time, the time that regulates world clocks. In the US, the Department of the Navy is the official timekeeper for our government and if you want to check out the Master Clock itself, it is located at the US Naval Observatory in Washington D.C.

Now that you have the time, be sure to pick up that military-inspired watch you’ve always wanted. This list should get you started.

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How To Tell Military Time Without Hurting Your Brain

In military time, or 24 hours, the hours are counted as 24 instead of 12, and the words “am” and “pm” are no longer needed or used.

Usually the colon is removed between hours and minutes, so the format is hhmm or hhmm:ss (where h = hours, m = minutes, s = seconds)

The hour is always written as a two-digit number, so every hour below 10 has a leading zero, e.g. 01:23 or 08:37.

What Is 8 In Military Time

On this page you’ll also find a quick and easy explanation of transferring to and from military time, as well as some worksheets for you to try!

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The military time chart below shows you at a glance how to quickly convert standard time to military time and vice versa.

We have left the colon in our military era for ease of use, although it is often omitted.

Note: 24:00 is still used at 12:00 midnight, especially by the military and emergencies, but computers and software use midnight as 00:00 and start a new day.

Below are some printable charts that you can print for easy reference on the go.

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Sheet 1 has military time on the left and regular time on the right. There were no colonies during military times.

Sheet 2 has military time on the left and standard time on the right. There are colonies in military time.

This web page has a selection of military time conversion worksheets that can help you learn how to convert from 24 hours to standard time and from standard time to 24 hours.

What Is 8 In Military Time

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Standard Military Time Conversion Chart

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What Is 8 In Military Time

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