What Does Fs Mean In Football


What Does Fs Mean In Football – Our Football 101 series continues today to help us as fans of the game better understand what we’re seeing on Sundays (or Saturdays, Mondays, Thursdays, etc.) and what analysts are talking about throughout the week. Today’s “Football 101” covers the defenses used, how the defender “reads” them and what “Contact __” means.

Basically, we’re going to build it based on how the quarterback is going to read the defense. A quarterback has a lot to worry about and make decisions before snapping the ball on offense. The offensive play caller can make decisions about what plays will work for the offense in position and distance, as well as what tendencies the defense plays based on the formation and the same downfield. The quarterback, when pressed, now takes over (and, assuming he has the ability to listen, can be a game-changer).

What Does Fs Mean In Football

What Does Fs Mean In Football

You will often hear the linebacker and/or center yell out a number and point to the fullback. It can also include “this is mike” in the call. Basically, they determine who the middle position of the defense is (usually the middle linebacker, hence the name “mike”), which coordinates the blocking scheme of the offensive line, the tight ends, and the running backs.

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The quarterback is also trying to figure out what coverage the defense is providing for that play. To do this, the defender will start from the deepest part of the field and move towards the line of scrimmage. By reading the positions of the linebackers, cornerbacks and fullbacks, he will help the linebacker determine if the coverage is man-to-man or zone and where the holes in the defense should be.

Again, this is all before touching. By reading the defense, the quarterback can already begin to eliminate the routes the receivers are running, or know the route option he expects from the receiver. You’ll also start to see hand signals or the quarterback calling the receivers to let them know what he’s seeing and what he wants them to do.

We’ve already covered much of this topic in this Coverage Shells Football 101 post, but we’ll need to revisit coverage shells to understand what a quarterback is looking for to diagnose a defense.

So how does a quarterback make a decision based on the linebacker and cornerback positions? It’s all about how many defenders are deep versus how many defenders are close to the line of scrimmage and what the other players are doing.

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Cover 0 is quite easy to install. This means no deep security. This usually means a man-to-man defensive scheme where all defenders are close to the line of scrimmage and a specific player is responsible for that. This placement can also signal an offense from the defense because there are extra defenders compared to the number of receivers available to the offense (the offense has a maximum of five receivers available after five offensive linemen, and one defender is subtracted from the 11). players can have a crime).

The 0 formation is a strong run defense with all 11 defenders close to the line of scrimmage. It can be attacked through the air, because the cornerback does not have “over the top” help from a deeper area. Because of the one-man “island” effect of one player covering one receiver, look for the defensive back to use inside leverage (slightly lined up inside the receiver) to try to drive the receiver’s route to the edge, overloading the field. using. sideline as an extra guard and prevents the receiver from being in an open deep field zone.

To read this message, the quarterback must recognize the free safety moving toward the line of scrimmage. Defenses will try to hide it as long as possible, not wanting to dump the open deep side or where the blitz might come from.

What Does Fs Mean In Football

You can probably already tell the difference between cover 0 and cover 1. One shows one safety (free safety) deep, usually 12 to 15 yards behind the line of scrimmage. The strongback will move about five yards from the line of scrimmage lined up at the tight end. The cornerbacks will be in man coverage with their respective receivers and will usually play press.

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This coverage could also be called “no man,” meaning that the defense is primarily man-to-man, but instead of having the free safety close to the line of scrimmage to accommodate an extra blitz player, he’s back deep. provide coverage assistance. There are still plenty of ways to get to the linebacker with one player (five receivers and a free safety allow for four defensive linemen and one to rush the quarterback). The other option that makes Rashed Jones money is to let the strong safety go undrafted and not be named a blitz option, but instead let him be independent where he feels he can best impact the game; This type of role is commonly referred to as a “Bandit”, which may lead an analyst to describe the defense as a “Formation 1 Bandit”.

To read this coverage, the quarterback will determine the depth at free safety as well as at least one linebacker who is a cover and strong safety for the line of scrimmage. The inside linebackers will likely play with the outside lineup, trying to push their responsibilities in the middle of the field, where the free safety can help. The outside corners will still be on the islands and try to use the inside lever to add to the edge as a defender. Switching to a running game can be the right move here, with the receivers immediately pulling their respective defenders, the offensive linemen each taking one defender (four linemen plus one linebacker), and the linebacker being asked to dump one player (or run). that quarterback play) while the free safety is deep. It can also be the case that sending a man on the move from one side of the pitch to the other or half way and back can help the defender diagnose what the strong defender is doing on the play.

This figure also gives a basic reading of this protection scheme. two safes, both deep. Probably probably about the same depth, about 12 to 15 yards from the line of scrimmage. The cornerbacks are probably still pressuring their receivers and in man assignments. (Coverage 2 is like a transition zone between mostly people coverage and mostly zone coverage, so we’ll talk about coverage 2 (zone) in a moment.)

This is basically the same scheme as Cover 1, except now two safeties split the field in half, providing support to both sides of the field. Corners can be more aggressive with their receivers, both by disrupting them at the line of scrimmage and trying to jump routes because they know they have safety help.

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Cover 2 (human) can attack on the ground, especially if you have a guard. The receivers and running back will move their defenders (cornerbacks and running backs) away from the line of scrimmage. Two linebackers are deep, and four defensive linemen match up with five offensive linemen. That leaves one linebacker to account for at linebacker and quarterback. If the running back goes a receiving route, the quarterback can read an opening in the middle of the field and decide he wants to run the ball and pick up yards that way.

The deep side of the field is vulnerable in Cover 2, with two defenders helping out in the side corners. Here, the vulnerable seam edge becomes a formidable offensive weapon. With the tight ends morphing into the Rob Gronkowski mold, they have been able to take advantage of the middle of the field against the Formation 2.

Both safeties are deep. Cornerbacks and linebackers in man coverage usually match up with outside levers to force receivers into zones that protect the safety (of course, if the receiver goes too far inside, he can now find that hole in the zone. half of the field, so there is a risk for the defense and an opportunity for the offense , if you read the indicators correctly).

What Does Fs Mean In Football

Like Cover 2 (Man), Cover 2 (Zone) provides two safeties deep in zone coverage. But now the rest of the defense is moving to a zone scheme as well. The cornerback can play off the receivers or pressure the receiver by disrupting him

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