How Old You Gotta Be To Work At Starbucks

How Old You Gotta Be To Work At Starbucks – Some restaurant chains are famous for their food. others to serve them. Others, however, are more famous for the terrible treatment of staff.

But working at Hooters is more than just being a Hooters girl. There are other positions both at home and in the back, and as a large international chain. Hooters has very detailed and comprehensive rules on how they run their restaurants. This could be good if you like clarity and transparency.

How Old You Gotta Be To Work At Starbucks

How Old You Gotta Be To Work At Starbucks

Although the famous or perhaps infamous Hooters Girls are known around the world, this is not the only place available in restaurants so far. You can also work as a host or hostess, a “To-Go” (Hooter’s name for the person who takes food and beverage orders) or in the kitchen.

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Let’s take a closer look at each of these positions and talk about how old you need to be, what your salaries are, and what their roles are.

If I didn’t start with this post, it would be like talking about all the people who make up Oprah Winfrey, without mentioning Oprah herself! Despite the excuses some people give to comment on Hooters, you know, good chicken wings and big screen TVs, the Hooters Girls are the main attraction.

Their job is to entertain and serve customers, to be friendly and talkative and to sit at tables with them. If this sounds like a “pub hostess” concept to you, you’re honestly not far off.

The appealing Hooter’s Girl concept seems to defy employment laws. Don’t they prevent companies from hiring people based on their appearance? Well, yes and no. Although there are laws protecting workers from discrimination, Hooter’s Girls are hired as entertainers, not servers. Like models and dancers, this allows Hooters to hire only fit and attractive women for the job.

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Hooters Girls should dress up and make up and wear a tight shirt with short shorts (which have recently gotten shorter!). They can be penalized for gaining weight or not forming enough. As entertainers, the Hooters Girls aim to circulate the restaurant so that each table is visited by at least three of them during their stay.

There are two Hooters Girls: on the floor and behind the bar. Although it is not advertised as such, it is a waiter and waitress job. However, status behind the bar is only awarded to exceptional Hooters Girls who have proven themselves in the field position where they all begin.

When you arrive at a Hooters restaurant, the first person you meet is the host or hostess. Yes, they sometimes hire hosts! Their job is to take reservations, manage the house, monitor tables and seat customers.

How Old You Gotta Be To Work At Starbucks

To make sure the Hooters Girls don’t have too many tables for the party, they have to keep track of how many tables they can sit at at once. They also manage things like music volume, lighting and TV channels to maintain the right atmosphere in the restaurant.

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Flight attendants can work long shifts on their feet. The job also requires a friendly and open personality and a good management boss. Although appearance restrictions do not apply to this position, flight attendants are expected to present themselves properly at all times.

The title of this post may be unfamiliar, but it makes a lot of sense. Individuals in this role are responsible for receiving and filling takeout or takeout orders over the phone. Through the Hooters online app, delivery services and customer check-in. While the hosts/hostesses and Hooters Girls are busy with internal customers, To-Gos handles all other requests.

To-Gos must still be friendly, courteous and outgoing as they will be handling orders from customers in attendance and taking orders over the phone. But they also need to be highly organized and at least tech-savvy enough to manage multiple online ordering applications.

However, since they only handle food and sometimes merchandise orders and do not serve alcohol, you only need to be 17 years old to work in this position at Hooters.

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Of course, there are jobs in the Hooters kitchen, too. Kitchen staff are responsible for taking orders from the floor and preparing food. You are required to dress like a Hooters kitchen worker and maintain a high level of hygiene and food quality.

If neither the house nor the kitchen suits you, there is still one option for you to work at Hooters. The cleaning staff here is of course responsible for keeping the building clean at all times, both while the restaurant is open and before and after hours. It also includes washing dishes and stocking the waiters.

Other positions at Hooters include restaurant managers, regional managers, online marketing specialists, training specialists and more. These are all senior positions that require a lot of professional experience and conviction, so a minimum age is not an issue.

How Old You Gotta Be To Work At Starbucks

Since the Hooters Girl has essentially become a brand icon for this restaurant chain, there’s more to say about this post. This has its advantages, but also some serious challenges.

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Perks include good tips and free meals every shift as long as you order healthy food befitting a woman in control of her waistline. If not, less healthy options are only discounted or even full price, such as fries.

You also need to take good care of yourself. The restaurant uses a loophole to hire the Hooters Girls as their entertainers, and for that reason, they can tell you how to do your hair and makeup, and also fine you for being overweight. The iconic Hooters Girl costume (shorts and tank top) is skin-tight and revealing, and no buns are allowed.

There are other strange quirks in the business. For example, there are strict rules about wearing a uniform anywhere outside of a restaurant – you’re not allowed – it should be covered. You are also not allowed to use the phone at all during your shift. You can’t even carry it in a bag, and it won’t zip up in the pocket of these shorts.

At practice, the Hooters Girls also learn choreographed dances. When certain songs are played over the restaurant sound system, you are expected to drop everything and get down on the floor to dance. How weird is this?

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There are also special monthly nights when you are expected not to wear your uniform, but to wear similarly attractive clothing. Otherwise, the costumes are also at your expense. Pirates, football, Christmas are just some examples of topics.

“The Girl of Hooters should appear to lead a healthy, active lifestyle and be family to all who visit Hooters restaurants. The Girl of Hooters is friendly, attentive and optimistic, and attentive to the needs of guests while engaging them socially, entertaining each guest individually at the front door and/or on the floor.”

Hooters Girl has extensive experience with menu items and merchandise. They ensure that only high-quality food and drinks are served to guests and are a positive representative of the brand. Girl of Horns should embrace the company’s core values ​​of caring, respecting everyone, uplifting, giving valuable feedback and exceeding expectations.”

How Old You Gotta Be To Work At Starbucks

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In short, most jobs require you to be at least 18 or 17 years old. Note that in some states the drinking age is 21, so the age you can work at Hooters will be the same.

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Whether you’re trying to find a job as a Hooters Girl, hostess, hostess, To-Go, kitchen staff, or cleaning staff, there are plenty of jobs for teens at the Hooters restaurant chain.

If you think this is the kind of climate you’d like to work in, here’s the most important tip. For a job at Hooters: They care more about your character than your experience or training.

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How Old You Gotta Be To Work At Starbucks

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