Sleep Training 8 Month Old

Sleep Training 8 Month Old – How to sleep train a baby without crying. This is a gentle sleep training method to get the baby to sleep independently. No-cry sleep training method.

Can I tell you a secret? I hate sleep training a baby. However, I couldn’t be happier with it.

Sleep Training 8 Month Old

Sleep Training 8 Month Old

I think my kids can put themselves to sleep, though. The benefits of sleep are well documented and I want my children to sleep as babies, toddlers, children, teenagers and adults! Healthy sleep habits are very important to me.

I Read All The Baby Sleep Books So You Don’t Have To

My desire to help my children sleep better than my dislike of sleep training. I continue with sleep training to establish healthy sleep.

When my third child arrived, I discovered something amazing. There are tons of baby sleep training methods out there, and I just found a gem.

When McKenna, my third child, was born, I wasn’t sure when to start sleep training her.

I like to start baby sleep training early because I don’t want to teach that the baby needs a way to sleep (like a rocket) only to take it a few weeks or months later. I think that makes things more difficult for the child.

Most Popular Baby Sleep Training Methods Explained

However, I also hate hearing my babies cry (who doesn’t?) and I’m not looking forward to the whole sleep training process.

Mind you, I have no problem calling this method sleep training. My older two were trained to sleep by yelling at him and it worked well. CIO is fast and efficient.

I prefer this 4 S method to sleep training a baby, though. If you’re considering a cry-it-out, I’ve got plenty of help to get you started. Check out this post first: Everything You Need to Know About Crying It Out

Sleep Training 8 Month Old

When McKenna was three days old, I read Hogg’s Four S plan for teaching a baby how to sleep on his own in The Baby Whisperer Solves Your Problems All. The Four S’s are a gentle method of sleep training without crying. I decided to give it a try.

Month Old Sleep Schedule: Bedtime And Nap Schedule

It works! It worked and McKenna still didn’t cry herself to sleep until she was three months old. Not only that, but he woke up during sleep transitions (as babies do) and went back to sleep without crying.

I can even move him from a stroller or car seat to his crib when he’s napping and he goes back to sleep with no problem.

I am sure many of you are very interested in these four S. I will share with you, along with my own story. However, if you want to try the Four S’s yourself, I recommend you read what Hogg has to say. I read the Four S about 30 times before implementing it. I want to make sure I understand the procedure. It can be found on pages 182-186.

Every 45 minutes, your baby has a sleep transition where he moves from one sleep cycle to the next. At this stage, a child tends to wake up if he cannot explain himself and fall asleep independently.

Sleep Training Tips For 5 Month Old Babies

If your child is good at self-grooming, everyone will enjoy a good night’s sleep and sound sleep during the day.

By establishing good sleep habits early in life, everyone will be successful.

One of the best things about this sleep training method is that it works best with newborns. That means you can teach your newborn good manners right from the start.

Sleep Training 8 Month Old

Newborn sleep is how you want your baby to sleep. You avoid sleep problems and sleep problems from the beginning of your child’s life. This is baby sleep training that is gentle on the newborn and therefore gentle on the mother’s heart.

New & Improved! Updated 2022! Sample Schedules For The First Year And Beyond — Wee Bee Dreaming Pediatric Sleep Consulting

When my fourth child was born, there was no question in my mind about how to sleep train him. Relaxed sleep training all the way! I also used the Four S’s for sleep training with Brinley, and it worked for him as well as it did for McKenna.

I can’t recommend this mod enough. I have recommended it over and over again for the past ten years and I always hear from you readers about your many success stories.

Watch the video with this post to see a demonstration of the Four S. I use a doll to demonstrate how I use this technique with my children.

Here are the instructions for this baby sleep training method in text format. Note, we never did more than the first three of the four S. I know people who did all four, even twins, and the fourth worked for them. If you must continue in the S quadrant, don’t stress it. It will still work.

Babywise Schedules: 0 4 Weeks Newborn

The first S sets the stage. This is your bedtime ritual; This is your bedtime or bedtime routine. See my post Sleep Routine Tips to Get Your Baby to Sleep Well for help getting used to it.

You want your routine to be the same before bed and the same before bed. Routine is the hallmark of infants and children. Even a newborn baby can begin to recognize patterns. Keep your routine relaxed. Set the stage in the room of your child’s needs for successful sleep.

You will practice the 4 S’s before each nap and bedtime, so make sure you have a consistent sleep routine every day as well. You can do what you do before bed or you can add a few things to your bedtime routine.

Sleep Training 8 Month Old

Turn off the lights. I turn the lights off (we have lights) or off. With McKenna, I also close the blinds, but Brinley sleeps well with her blinds open, so during the day, we have the blinds open and close them at night.

Sleep Training With A Pacifier: Use It As A Tool (not A Prop!)

If I have a baby who sleeps well with the blinds open, I leave them open. My opinion is that it helps the baby to differentiate between day and night. However, McKenna is fine during the days and nights and sleeps with the blinds closed. When the baby moves to two naps a day, I close the blinds for the naps.

For more, see my post on Sample Nap Routines, Perfecting Your Babywise Bedtime Routine, and Essential Elements of Any Babywise Bedroom.

The next thing to do is to bathe your little one. Hogg says to do this even if your baby doesn’t like being held.

I have been asked if swaddling is a sleep aid and something that can cause a baby’s sleep problems.

Sleep Training Nearly Broke Me But Changed My Life

Babies have no control over their arms, and that startle reflex can really wake them up. Swaddling can help your baby sleep better.

Some children have better control than others. For example, McKenna had better control of her arms as a toddler than Kaitlyn. If he breaks his neck, he can still sleep. But those arms can go on and knock him down sometimes.

Most babies stop swallowing without problems at about 3-4 months. Some may stop immediately. Others continue. Some children have less transition time. But most people stop swallowing and sleep better because they have arm control and sleep more comfortably.

Sleep Training 8 Month Old

For me, this is the real magic of the Four S sleep training method. With Kaitlyn, I have a sleep routine and my slide. I did these things with him.

Cry It Out Baby Sleep Training — Ultimate Guide

Once your baby is strapped in, you sit down. You don’t have to sit down. You can also stand next to the crib. Just make sure you take breaks so your child can rest.

You hold your baby with him in an upright position. Plan to sit like this for about five minutes. You are still sitting. You don’t shake, move, shake, etc. You sat him down and held him without encouraging him.

Tune in to him. You wait for him to get ready to go down for his nap or nap.

When you do this sitting, you give yourself the opportunity to lower the watch time completely. You hit the right time to put the baby to bed heavy but awake.

Using Pick Up Put Down Method

You feel his body relax and maybe a little jerk. Then you kiss, say the sweet things you said, then tuck him into bed.

You want him in bed before he falls asleep. You leave the room immediately as long as he doesn’t cry. You hope he falls asleep on his own.

Note, if your baby fusses or cries a little when you first put him in the crib, I would let the baby fuss for a minute. I know this is a gentle, no-cry method of sleep training, but some babies just need to blow off some steam before they go to sleep. Wait up to ten minutes before intervening UNLESS you feel the need to intervene immediately.

Sleep Training 8 Month Old

This is what I did on the sitting side with Brinley as a newborn. We sat on the rocking chair in his room. I grabbed her by my shoulder, pulled her back, and stretched her. as

Sleep Training With Moms On Call

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