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Roles In LoL

League of Legends is a complicated game, in fact competitively, it’s one of the most complicated games on the planet, mostly competing with other MOBAs. This means that learning the game can be incredible intimidating, especially considering the fact that the five main positions in League of Legends, Top, Mid, Jungle, Support and ADC all have drastically different playstyles.

That’s not even getting started on Champions.

So how is someone supposed to learn how to play League of Legends? There is so much to figure out and the only way to truly do that is against five opponents. Unfortunately, the tutorial and bot games in League of Legends both do essentially nothing to prepare you for playing against real humans.

The answer is that you should adopt a single position for your start of League of Legends alongside one or two champions so you can focus on playing the larger game as opposed to constantly trying to learn new champion mechanics. What is the best position to learn?

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